Business Execution Series - Learn How to Improve Your Execution Capabilities with a Business Execution System

Business Execution Month Overview

Research carried out with CEOs of leading organizations confirms that "execution" is their number one priority — and often their number one concern. With lack of clarity around strategy, the need for clearer definition of roles and responsibilities, and a difficulty to link actions to outcomes, there is a real need for a systematic approach to the delivery of business goals.

A few forward thinking organizations are already adopting the discipline of Business Execution - a powerful management concept that provides organizations the ability to improve their execution capabilities - to address this very issue.

At the heart of the Business Execution approach is the recognition that to consistently execute on goals organizations need to integrate, through use of an integrated software platform, the six core planning and execution processes which form the basis of the closed-loop Business Execution cycle.

By capturing goals, the actions that realize them and the KPIs that measure them in a consistent integrated way, Business Execution platforms transform the ability of executives to align, motivate and hold to account their employees. They make it possible, for the first time, to visualize the cascade of goals as it is built out right down to the employee level and to understand in real-time whether the actions of many thousands of employees are moving the organization towards its goals.

Throughout July 2011, i-nexus sponsored a series of webinars, whitepapers, and articles looking at Business Execution and how the integration of popular frameworks such as Hoshin Planning, Lean Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecards is providing leading organizations with the ability to dramatically improve the probability of achieving their goals and delivering the results promised to shareholders and stakeholders.

All of the webinars, podcasts, articles and more, are available here on demand. Simply register for FREE to attend any of the webinars or register for a Process Excellence Network membership.

About i-nexus

i-nexus provides leading global organizations with a robust Business Execution System to help them better execute their strategies and achieve their goals. As well as the complete business execution suite, i-nexus can help you focus business execution discipline where you need it most. i-nexus StartPoints are applications of the ‘closed-loop’ Business Execution cycle which can allow you to focus your energies on one or more of your functional business goals. Visit to find out more.

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The Business Execution Practitioner Community LinkedIn Group was established to give as many practitioners and experts as possible a chance to learn about and contribute to the development of this approach - which is already transforming the way a significant number of major organizations are driving execution of their strategies. The goal of the group is not to promote one solution over another, rather to build a community of people who are working towards the same goal - joining up the currently fragmented strategy planning and execution processes in their organization so that closer to 100% (not just 10%) of the energy and talent of employees can be mobilized in pursuit of their organization's goals. To join the group, click here.