Human Centric BPM: A Tale of 7 Companies

Creating an automated process with traditional BPM software requires the user to think like a machine. Every task and situation must be programmed and accounted for. Many BPM solutions have tried to be more user-friendly, but they still don't start with the business leader in mind.

Human-centric BPM means letting a process owner create the entire workflow without using complex notation. It is designing the process the way the end user thinks about it rather than how a system processes it.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

●    Why BPM doesn’t have to be complex
●    How to automate processes that are lean, simple and nimble
●    How to take a human-centric approach to building business applications
●    How to build business applications that are loved by executives, department heads, process owners, admins, and users
●    The many ways humans can respond to tasks
●    7 examples of how companies around the world have embraced human-centric BPM