Podcast: How Shell utilizes advanced analytics to generate meaningful data

Peter Van Dan Heuval, Product Manager at Shell, speaks with PEX Network about Shell’s use of technology and analytics in leveraging its data, as well as the past, present and future state of Shell’s data capabilities

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PEX Network caught up with the Shell Product Manager Peter van den Heuval, better known among his colleagues as ‘Peter PI’. In conversation with Seth Adler, van den Heuval explains the origin story behind his nickname and how Shell leverages the latest technology and analytics to best utilize its large stores of data.

Van dan Heuval explains how Shell, understanding the long-term implications of real-time data, initially implemented as a PI platform to store and analyze this data, and offers examples of how Shell benefits from complex calculations facilitated by big data and real-time process analytics.

Van dan Heuval also explores what the future holds for Shell, detailing its plans to implement IoT in order to collect meaningful data for predictive analytics that lead to actionable change, before discussing the soft skills involved in staying passionate about data and how he enables Shell’s workflow the ability to take action on data by simplifying the data process through PI.