How to recognize and avoid six common mistakes in business process automation

Learn from the lessons of process automation industry professionals and avoid their mistakes when it comes automation process improvements

Attend this webinar to discover the most common and detrimental mistakes in process automation and access industry-leading insights on how to avoid or overcome them

This webinar will take place on:
March 23, 2021
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

Despite having the best intentions at heart when implementing business process automation to optimize a team or an entire organization, those in charge of process improvement can run into common pitfalls.

This webinar will review the six most common mistakes across people, processes and technology. It will unpack how they can be detrimental to initiatives, how to prevent their occurrence proactively and how to adjust course when feeling the effects of one, or several, of these mistakes.

Through real-world examples from teams representing compliance, third-party risk management and information security across several industries, this webinar will offer attendees actionable advice to avoid falling into these common pitfalls.

Attend this webinar to discover:

  • The most common mistakes in process improvement initiatives and how to avoid falling prey to them.
  • Ways to adjust course if you find yourself in the midst of a significant problem.
  • How to review best practices to prevent problems in your best laid plans.


Jason Rohlf
Vice president of solutions

Jason Rohlf helps information security, risk, internal audit, compliance and IT teams improve their ability to predict, navigate and mitigate against enterprise risk by deploying more efficient workflows and real-time reporting through simple automation. The fruits of his labor have created more than $1.5mn in annual cost savings for the largest logistics company in the world. Classically trained in auditing, Jason spent the first half of his career in internal audit at Swiss Re, TDS and Arthur Anderson before moving onto the technology sector.  

Patrick Gregg
Solutions engineer

Patrick Gregg builds and customizes business process automation solutions to fit the unique needs of compliance, information security, risk and vendor management teams in organizations. His subject matter expertise resides in healthcare as he spent nearly a decade building and advising on solution development for Cerner Corporation, a Fortune 500 healthcare software company.

He has also completed published works entitled Effects of acute fish oil dosing on sensorimotor and cellular outcomes of juvenile traumatic brain injury.

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