Getting to grips with project management - pain points & tools in Process Excellence

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It’s no secret that most Process Excellence professionals face numerous challenges. With pressure building, outdated tools, and limited resources, today’s Process Excellence professionals are looking for more effective ways to deliver greater results.

PEX Network and Upland’s PowerSteering teamed up to lead the September 2014 Project Management Pain Points & Tools in Process Excellence Survey completed by over 300 Process Excellence professionals. In this engaging webinar, Upland’s Director Six Sigma, a Black-Belt trained member of the American Society of Quality, and a three-year examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award – Randy Clark – will deliver the revealing survey results and demonstrate how PowerSteering’s industry-leading application helps improve program results and addresses the challenges of Process Excellence professionals. 

You will gain insight into: 

  • The current state of project management pain points & tools in Process Excellence
  • The top Process Excellence pain points revealed in the 2014 survey
  • Why Process Professionals are unhappy with the tools they currently use and what they consider to be important when reviewing project management tools
  • Key ways PowerSteering’s flexible, cloud-based software improves executive visibility, strategic alignment and team productivity – and ultimately helps Process Excellence overcome common pain points

For a bite-sized breakdown of some of the survey findings, you can also download the accompanying infographic too.

Randy Clark Director of Six Sigma PowerSteering Software