How to Use Goal-based Modeling to Link Top Level Strategy with Processes

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A goal-based approach to support strategy execution

Is it possible to create a successful process excellence program without clearly defining and working to attain the strategic and tactical goals of the business? Definitely not!

Goals are essential as the guiding beacon toward which your decisions and activities must be focused. Yet traditional approaches to automation are unable to use identified business goals to directly influence execution of the actual business processes that drive end-to-end business operations.  

In this webinar, you will learn a practical approach to help you address this gap:

  • Understand the “why” and the “how” of connecting goals at the business execution level to goals at the process execution - or automation - level
  • Learn the fundamentals of a practical, goal-based modeling approach that helps you link top level strategy with processes at any level of the business 
  • Identify ways that this technique can help you build agility directly into process model


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Paul Buhler
Chief Scientist
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Chief Operating Officer
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