Harnessing the Power of Technology Innovation for Business Process Improvement

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Cutting through the technology hype to showcase the art of the possible  

New technologies are making their presence felt in every aspect of our lives: cloud based computing clusters on Amazon now account for 1% of all internet traffic, Apple’s iPad drives 95% of all internet tablet traffic, mobile phones sales are outpacing population growth and everyday a million hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook and 294 billion emails are sent. Customers may be moving on but how many businesses are factoring these changing habits into their business operations?

This isn’t a technology challenge – it’s a process challenge. How do you develop and design your processes to support the changing expectations of your market? How can you use technology to engage, create efficiency and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers? Some of the world’s top companies have already started to employ these technologies to offer products and services that were unimaginable only a couple years ago – and gain true competitive advantage in the process.

Join Dennis Parker and Andrew Murphy from K2, an award winning BPM vendor, as they explore the reality of what is really happening within companies and showcase real examples of what is already possible.

  • Explore some of today’s most pressing technology trends - including tablet computing, mobile devices, and social – and consider what practical impact they can have on business processes and operations
  • Watch a live demonstration illustrating how these technologies can support real world processes
  • Learn practical real world case studies about how these technologies are being used in companies right now for employee engagement, improving efficiency, and workflow automation 
  • Identify practical ways that you can use these technologies to improve your process efficiency and engage your customers


This webinar will take place at 14:00 BST (London) / 15:00 CEST (Paris) / 09:00 EDT (New York). For additional time zones, please use the time converter at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.  If you miss the release time, don't worry - this webinar will also be made available on demand.


Dennis Parker
Senior Vice President, EMEA
Andrew Murphy
Senior Technical Specialist