Future of BPM: How low-code platforms are reinventing process management

How businesses can save time and money when they manage their businesses on a low-code platform

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How businesses can save time and money when they manage their businesses on a low-code platform

Business process management software (BPMS) has proven to be the most critical software as it helps businesses to continually improve process and become more efficient. Though BPM Software has evolved from a tool that streamlines back-end processes to one that enhances customer engagement, it still requires lengthy implementations, back and forth communication with business analysts, heavy investments, and training resources.

But in this era of digital transformation, businesses need a tool that helps them quickly adapt to changing trends and evolving disruptive technologies. With a low-code BPM tool, businesses can reinvent their processes and keep pace with the rapidly changing business trends.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • How low-code platforms can help businesses to drive process excellence
  • Advantages of using a low-code BPM software instead of a traditional BPM software
  • How you can take your application beyond process management, and interconnect with your ecosystem of employees, customers and partners

Felix Robert Customer Success Manager Zoho Creator

Felix is presently the Customer Success Manager for Zoho Creator. He has over 5 years of experience in application development and customer support. He has helped businesses across the world build custom applications to meet specific requirements, automate workflows and achieve greater productivity.