Simplified Reporting through a New Customizable Dashboard and Aligning Project Selection to Your Strategy

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Discover how to simplify reporting and project selection with Microsoft Project Online through 2 demos and case studies

Following our first webinar in November where we introduced the Microsoft vision in the ppm space, we will now show a more hands on impression of how simple reporting and dashboarding becomes with Microsoft Project Online. We will also walk you step by step through the process of Project prioritization with Microsoft Project Online.

The First part of the Webinar will have SHIFT, another Microsoft Gold partner present two case studies of customers in Healthcare and construction owners, and their journey to Project Online.

The second part will be both the South African and the Middle East and Africa Headquarters product managers demos of dashboarding and project priorization.

The webinar will provide you with a: 

•    A demo and clear view on how reporting can be simplified, customized and accessible from anywhere
•    A demo on how to align your portfolio of projects to maximize the strategic impact for your company
•    Further insight into usage of Microsoft Project management software applied to different industries

Maxime Moubarak MEA Project Product Manager Microsoft

Maxime is the Middle East and Africa Product Manager for Microsoft PPM Solution. He has been developing the MEA market for the last 2 years and was previously involved in PPM solutions in a large French investment bank.

Pedro Duarte Executive Office (Gold PPM Partner)

Pedro has been leading portfolio, project and programs for the last 18 years, both as a manager as well as a director of consulting services.

Since 2003 he has been a Microsoft partner involved in some of the most high profile and large ppm implementations worldwide.