Adapt or die: How to keep your processes agile to keep them relevant

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Business efficiency and bottom line rely heavily on processes - they're the glue that holds a large corporation together. But process for process sake can also be a hindrance, sticking rigidly to procedures that fly in the face of what you're trying to achieve isn't just counter intuitive - it can be incredibly damaging!

Processes need to be agile, they must be organic. For a process to do it's job and continue to be relevant to business needs, it needs to be alive. In this webinar, Bonitasoft explain the key principles behind Living Process, why your processes might need some life breathing into them and share a customer case study of a Living Process in action.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How a living process can help your business to remain fluid and agile, and how this is different from your typical BPM process.
  • How to break free of the suffocating rigidity of standard process.
  • How to create your own living process.
Shawn Goldsmith North America Demand Generation Manager Bonitasoft
Shawn Goldsmith North America Demand Generation Manager Bonitasoft
Barry Valentine BPM Engineer Bonitasoft