Five business benefits from accelerating HR digital transformation

Tune in to find out why digitizing HR processes can empower the HR department to support the workforce in navigating the ‘new normal’ in a pandemic world

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to go digital and ensure they operate as smoothly as possible in a remote-working environment. The HR department in particular has supported employees in navigating the ‘new normal’, and digitizing processes so companies could survive, and potentially thrive, amidst the disruption caused by the global health emergency.  

During a webinar earlier in 2020, Paul Stone, product strategist at FlowForma and Jacinta Hennessy, chief product strategist at cloud-based HR software HubbubHR revealed how digitizing HR processes is essential to navigate the pandemic world. Attendees accessed five reasons for digitalizing HR processes, including adapting to remote working and improving employee experience.

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