How standardizing process improvement helped ConnectWise integrate business units

Robert Browning, Documentation Specialist, ConnectWise will share how they successfully integrated four business and drove engagement which resulted in a standardized approach throughout the organization.

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Learn how ConnectWise has streamlined their business units, reduced clutter, increased efficiency, and are successfully driving process engagement across their organization. “Previously, it was four different people, four different times, making the same modification in four different places. Now, one person makes the change and it pushes out to all four systems at the same time – saving us time”.

By watching this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Drive internal engagement and collaboration in process improvement  
  • Reduce clutter, increased speed and efficiency of process change 
  • Use process improvement as a driver for working in an agile environment  
  • Simplify Process Variation Management  

Robert will also share recommendations on how ConnectWise streamlined processes replicated across four business units & answer your process improvement questions.

Robert Browning Documentation Specialist ConnectWise

Robert Browning, Documentation Specialist – ConnectWise   

Robert has extensive experience in writing, curating & maintaining various forms of internal content documentation and has lead projects involving multiple large scale clients such as UPS, Apple, IBM & Lenovo. Robert’s interests include driving process documentation efforts, improving the writing proficiency of others, and developing ongoing strategies for all forms of managed professional content.

Melissa Thelen Account Executive Promapp

Melissa Thelen, Account Executive, Promapp