Strategy or performance... or both?

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Ian Hawkins

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A good strategy will fall apart if it is not properly executed, and the best performance cannot rescue a strategy that is fundamentally flawed. The
difficulty lies in trying to work out, as problems emerge, not only where
responsibility for failure lies, but also where to look for the best solution.

Our PEXperts weighed in with their thoughts on how to balance strategy and performance:

'Maybe it’s what you are doing rather than how you are doing it that needs changing or improvement.'

'Strategy is the vision and roadmap that articulates the method and timing for delivering the improvements and change.'

'It’s a process and the focus should be to understand what went wrong in it.'

Read on to find out:

  • what comes first - strategy or performance?
  • how performance and strategy fit into PDCA and Hoshin planning
  • why beliefs and assumptions are fundamental to formulating a strategy