Using Your Voice of the Customer (VOC) to Meet Customer Requirements and Improve Business Performance

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Most companies today are facing a highly competitive environment to satisfy clients and increase market share, while managing resources. Even within Process Excellence teams, the focus needs to be on resources pertaining to the initiatives and areas of the business that will impact customer satisfaction and drive increased business process performance.  

It becomes all too easy to become internally focused on the wants and needs of the business (Voice of the Business) to drive business performance and to convince stakeholders that the organization is aligned with what customers want and need (Voice of the customer).  

A recent study conducted by Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ and Market Value Solutions concluded that companies that used Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Voice of the Market (VOM) to drive their Business Process Excellence (BPE) initiatives reported a higher rate of having a highly successful BPE deployment versus companies that relied on Voice of the Business (VOB) to drive their initiatives. 19 percent of the VOC/VOM companies rated their BPE deployments as highly successful, as compared to seven percent of the VOB companies.  
During this Webinar, participants will learn to improve BPE deployment by:

  • Identifying where your company is focused—on VOB or using VOC/VOM
  • Refocusing your internal Business Process Excellence initiatives to satisfy your external customers and drive increased market share and revenues
  • Determining what VOC data you need to collect in order to identify the most meaningful critical to quality factors (CTQs) from the customer’s perspective
  • Using the CTQs to begin identifying your company’s value performance gaps that are having the greatest impact on the total customer experience
  • Leveraging the VOC data to target your processes for improvement and grow your customer process management program
  • Spreading your customer process management program across multiple customer-facing departments in your business for company-wide focus on improving the customer experience
  • Anticipating the changing needs of customers and then build this into the future design of your processes


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Diane Francisco Director of Client Solutions Covance