Using Operational Intelligence to Transform Customer Care Processes in Telecommunications & Public Utilities

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Operational Intelligence - the application of real-time data monitoring and analytics to processes – delivers visibility and insight into business operations. This new type of business analytics enables decision-makers to rapidly respond to changing business conditions, increasing operational efficiencies and overall responsiveness. As a result, operational intelligence improves service levels and responsiveness while reducing customer churn and costs.

Telecommunications and utilities providers have critical business processes they must manage in real-time - customers notice when their phone service doesn’t work or their electricity won’t turn on. When expected service levels are not met, customer confidence, and more importantly, revenue is lost. By receiving essential information on operations performance in real-time, businesses can make instant decisions that resolve issues before customers notice a problem.

This webinar is for utilities and telecommunications managers charged with delivering increased customer satisfaction as well as cost reduction. You will:

  • Identify the causes and effects of poor customer service
  • Learn to overcome obstacles to Customer Experience Management success by using better data
  • Hear how TXU Energy has improved its customer experience through Service Level Agreement monitoring
  • Discover how Operational Intelligence will mitigate growing public and private sector challenges
  • Understand the business value that Operational Intelligence brings to telcos and utilities 
Kevin Chase CIO TXU Energy
Brian Bohan Vice President, Worldwide Consulting Vitria Technology