Transform Your Process Excellence Training: Skill-building, Culture Change and Employee Engagement

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Many companies have spent millions of dollars on training hundreds – if not thousands - of their employees in Lean and Six Sigma tools, approaches, and culture in order to make process improvement (PI) the way everyone works in the organization.  For most, the training need continues … employees new to PI, refreshers for previously trained belts, case studies and just-in-time tool training for staff, PI strategy training, communications to everyone, and more. 
In this webinar, you will learn how you can establish, support, and sustain a process excellence capacity building program … powered by advanced blended learning technology … that develops skills, changes culture, and fosters engagement so that you can make continuous process improvement an on-going and ever present reality. You will also learn 10-steps to evaluate the new learning models, implement them, and more effectively address your process excellence training and communications challenges. 
Join this webinar to:

- Learn from experts with over 2 decades experience helping organizations do blended learning (an approach combining self-paced e-Learning with facilitator-led learning)
- Understand how your process improvement training can WOW your employees … and reduce costs and training time
- Discover the “flipped classroom”, also known as “blended learning” – what it is and why it is being adopted to accelerate learning ROI, increase instructor impact, and automate manual training processes
- Look inside the blended learning system to see how you might set up your own, blended learning institute

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Rob Stewart President, CEO and Director The Quality Group

Rob co-founded The Quality Group in 1992, and became CEO in 1999. He is an expert in e-Learning, blended learning, process improvement, and learning systems. Rob is passionate about TQG’s ability to deliver elegant, scalable learning products and services that improve lives, organizations, and communities.

Rob has spent thirty-five years, including time as an IBMer, bank software executive, and entrepreneur, helping organizations implement technologies that increase productivity and achieve results. Rob is a graduate of Emory University and Columbia Seminary, and twice finished the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.  Rob and his wife Rachel have three adult children.