Sharing Best Practices: The What, the Why and the How

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Johnson Controls’ Best Practice Deployment for Continuous Improvement

Sharing best practices has long been critical to continuous improvement. The idea is you identify the best way of doing something – either in your industry or within a pocket of your company – and you roll it out across your company to bring everyone up to the highest level of performance. That’s what happens in theory at least!

In practice, though, it can be incredibly difficult to not only identify those best practices but also to share them across departmental silos and this gets even more difficult in larger companies. So is there a better way of approaching the challenge?

Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), a Fortune 500 company with over 170,000 employees across the globe, generated $35+ million in hard savings last year alone after nearly 1,000 Best Practices were deployed. In this webinar, Kevin Filcik, Manager of Continuous Improvement Projects, at JCI will demonstrate the company’s approach to best practice sharing, including how they’ve been using PowerSteering software to support their efforts.

Join this webinar to:

  • Hear how a large enterprise like JCI uses continuous improvement and best practice sharing to produce global savings
  • Understand the barriers to best practice sharing and identify way to overcome them
  • Explore the importance of continuous improvement tools and how you can embed them into the DNA of your company
  • Learn practical ways that you can encourage best practice sharing across your company


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Kevin Filcik Manager of Continuous Improvement Projects Johnson Controls, Inc.