Secrets of High Performance: Critical Factors for Creating Competitive Operational Advantage

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Have you noticed that during a downturn, the competition can become even more fierce, consumer tastes and preferences change rapidly, and the same building blocks that were used to gain success can cause erosion sooner or later? With permanent volality a regular fixture in today's business environment, how do the best companies get to the top and stay there despite market changes?

Accenture led a global team of researchers and practitioners in a program aimed at identifying the secrets of high performance organizations. In this webinar, which draws on practical insight gained during that research, discover how leading organizations stay ahead of the curve and how you put their methods to work for you to create true competitive and operational advantage. 

Join this webinar to: 

  • Evaluate and discover what it means to become a high performing company
  • Debate the critical factors that enable high performance
  • Understand concepts of the ‘S Curve’: How to sustain long-term improvements and outperform competition amidst market changes
  • Learn how to become more dynamic and what that means for process and operations


This Webinar takes place 11:00 AM EDT (New York)/16:00 BST (London)/17:00 CEST (Paris)//23:00 HKT (Hong Kong)/ 01:00 EST(Sydney). For additional time zones, please use the time converter at  This webinar will also be made available on demand.

Gary Godfrey Managing Partner Accenture