Breaking Down Functional Silos to Achieve Integrated Process Improvement

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Joined Up Thinking for a Connected World

Many organisations invest a great deal of effort into greater integration with their customers and suppliers. However, relatively little effort has gone into breaking down internal company “silos,” which can prevent even the most well designed process improvement initiatives from succeeding.

In this webinar, author Mark McGregor discusses the obstacles to successfully implementing and maintaining a continuous improvement culture and recommends steps to achieve improved alignment and collaboration across teams and divisions. He is joined by co-presenter, Thierry Tastet, BPA Expert at OpenText, who will provide insight into how a software solution like OpenText’s ProVision can help achieve joined up thinking for a more connected enterprise.

In this webinar:  

  • Understand the types of “Siloed” thinking, and the risks associated with them
  • Learn how quickly a holistic view can be used to break down barriers to change
  • See how with the right approach, operational managers take centre stage
  • Explore the role that software can play in helping to overcome silos


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Mark McGregor Director, Business Architecture OpenText
Thierry Tastet Senior BPA / EA Solutions Consultant OpenText Business Process Solutions