Powerful Management Metrics to Drive Effective Behaviors and Generate Exceptional Business Results

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The famous Peter Drucker quote “what gets measured, gets managed” guides so much of business thinking today.  Business use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep on eye on what’s going on in the organization and make sure that things are on track. But are you using the right set of metrics and techniques to drive the kind of behaviours that will get you the best results?

Poorly designed set of KPI’s can hide a lot of unproductive busy work and can lead the organization to focus on putting out fires. Equally, more and more business professionals are realizing that the old method of applying quota to the work that their teams are performing is yielding less results as team members work to the standard quota and are not set up to exceed or work above the standard.

In this webinar, join Active Operations Management and the Managing Director of Operations – Investments at National Bank of Canada for a thought provoking webinar on how you can move beyond traditional metrics to a new style of management.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand a better way to approach KPI’s to yield the maximum results and discover why a focus on quotas can be counter productive
  • Learn the power of converting excess and shortfalls in capacity to bottom line savings
  • Identify the importance of empowering front line managers and how you can use “behavioural metrics” to generate exceptional production results  


Eric Sharpe Director Active Operations Management
Fotios Saratsiotis Managing Director of Operations National Bank of Canada