How to cut Non Value Added Activity in your Operational Excellence Program

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"Give Me an Hour and I’ll Give You a Free Belt"

The evidence is clear – the vast majority of organizations are losing at least one belt to non-value added activity for every ten they train. Moreover, most deployment leaders are spending the countless hours trying to generate the progress reports that senior managers demand. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Join Paul Docherty, CEO and founder of i-nexus and renowned Business Execution expert as he shares how leading organizations are dramatically reducing the amount of NVA activity undertaken by their belts and how Business Execution technology is helping deployment leaders replace ‘out-of-date’ spreadsheets with real-time insight into the benefits and progress of their operational excellence programs.

In this one hour session you will learn:

  • The principal NVA activities typically undertaken by belts and how to eliminate them
  • The hidden dangers and costs of managing your operational excellence initiative with spreadsheets
  • How the new ‘lite’ version of the industry leading i-nexus business execution platform can deliver dramatic results in days not months


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Paul Docherty Founder and Executive Director i-nexus