Healthcare Process Improvement Training Tutorial: Get efficient. Cut costs. Get results.

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Are you a Quality Director, Laboratory Supervisor, or Process Improvement Leader of a Hospital or Healthcare entity who must reduce costs, eliminate waste, train your people, and improve customer satisfaction?  Then read on…

To discover a brand new approach for using training to drive process improvement initiatives through your healthcare organization do not miss this snapshot course that will teach you how you can:

  • Achieve actionable buy-in, commitment, and vision for the future state with many improvement opportunities
  • Build a lean culture that prioritizes waste reduction, robust processes, and people involved in the improvement process
  • Use 6S as the basis for deploying lean, as the kick-start for improvement activities, as an easy way to do daily work more efficiently, and as a discipline that makes your facility more appealing to the patient or customer
  • Deploy just-in-time e-Learning, across your entire healthcare organization, to expand awareness, increase the skills of project improvement team members, and blend it to more effectively train Green and Black Belts

Participants in this training course will also learn how to use The Quality Group’s new Lean Six Sigma Blended e-Learning Series for Healthcare professionals. Your course leaders will zero in on the e-Learning module for 6S (Six “S”- Sorting, Shining, Setting, Standardizing, Sustaining, and Safety) and explain how to blend it, help staff and team members apply it, and produce impactful results.

This complimentary training course takes place online enabling you to take full benefit of the session without even needing to leave your desk. To register for this brand new webinar click here

If you would like to be put in touch with the course leaders prior to it taking place, please contact Tricia Berrett,; +1.404.845.3459

Jennifer Ralston CEO HKP Pro Active Solutions, LLC
Kathy Price Director, Clinical Effectiveness Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System