How to Achieve the Full Potential of your Lean Initiatives

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Finding it difficult to realize the true benefits of your Lean transformation? Or maybe you're finding it hard to sustain results?  Either way, you  want to anchor Lean as a sustainable way-of-working that delivers real value to you and your customers and this webinar is here to help you get there.  
In this engaging 45-minute session, you'll find out the common reasons that companies fail to achieve measurable results from Lean and what you can do to avoid them. Join this webinar  to come away with powerful and practical ideas on:
  • How to move beyond training and tools to achieve measurable results
  • The optimal sequence of activities to introduce lean thinking at all levels
  • New ways to anchor lean as a sustainable way-of-working
Mark Hughes Vice President Hitachi Consulting
Jonathan Gray Vice President Hitachi Consulting
Darragh MacNeill Director, EMEA Operational Excellence Lead Hitachi Consulting