Change Management Techniques for Sustainable Process Improvement

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Change doesn’t have to be difficult, but handling it properly is essential to getting the results you want. Improvement work doesn't fail because of lack of management tools and techniques - it fails because process leaders forget the human side of change. Whether you’re responsible for strategic transformation, implementing process, or dealing with a software deployment, this webinar will give you “battle”-tested techniques to ensuring that any change you implement can be sustained in the long term.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Why people resist change and discover essential ways of overcoming resistance
  • Critical steps to making your strategy a reality through practical and “test-driven” suggestions on how to cascade your company’s strategic vision from the top of your enterprise right down to the daily work of every employee
  • Practical case studies on how other companies have captured the “emotional” dimension of change to achieve results with real impact on how their business’ operates


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Tolga Moral, Sistema Sistema Management and Information Solutions Inc Chairman