Employing a Global Process Ownership Model: The Key to Achieving Sustainable Business Process Improvement for BP

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Genna Weiss

BP strives to continuously drive sustainable business process management and improvement. In this Profit through Process podcast you’ll hear Paul Nestor, Director of Continuous Improvement for the BP fuels businesses in Europe and Africa, who discusses with Six Sigma IQ’s Genna Weiss how BP has utilized a global process ownership model that controls and simplifies the way BP operates its businesses globally.

BP’s global process ownership helps to determine what "good" looks like amongst the processes throughout the organization and helps to rate and measure these processes against a global standard. Nestor emphasizes the importance of BP getting senior leadership onboard in its mission to implement the global process ownership model and why BP determined to focus its global process ownership model on "core commercial processes." You will learn about the different process owner roles and how they are leveraged to meet BP’s business process improvement initiatives.

Nestor also goes over the major tools and methodologies employed to manage BP’s processes globally and locally, which include setting a framework of good practices in four key areas of a process: 1) people, 2) processes, 3) performance and 4) technology. In addition, Nestor reveals the major lessons of deploying BP’s global ownership model, in particular BP’s focus on ensuring that its business process improvement initiatives are never separate from the company’s corporate business strategy.