Using Social Media for Continuous Improvement - Award Winning Case Study

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Are you a social media sceptic? If you think tweeting is something a bird should do and Facebook is predominantly for those born well after legwarmers, neon colours and big hair were "on trend" you might be missing out on the plethora of engaging and low cost tools that can enhance the performance and results of your continuous improvement team.

Last June, Eric Michrowski, TELUS’ Deployment leader co-presented a webinar looking at what it means to use social media within a business context and how you can incorporate it into the flow of your business processes to enhance performance. Since then, he's been putting the concepts to good use within the Canadian telecoms giant's own Centre of Excellence - with some incredible results.

TELUS is the 2012 winner of PEX Network's Best Project Under 90 days for a project aimed at identifying and eliminating waste and supporting problem identification to maintain reliability of their network. Social media played in an integral role in this award winning project.  Join Eric Michrowski, Director, Process Improvement Centre of Excellence, and Chris Wan, Business Consultant as they share insights into what they did and how you can capitalize on social media for your own continuous improvement program as part of our PEX Network webinar series.
In this webinar:

  • Gain practical insight into how TELUS made use of social media tools and what worked and what didn't
  • Review social media tools today (blogs, micro-blogging, streaming video, etc.) and evaluate suitability for use in continuous improvement (e.g. gathering voice of the customer, process enabler, solicit feedback, etc.)
  • Gather ideas on how you can influence your organization if they haven't embraced social media already

This webinar builds on concepts discussed in the previous webinar Getting Started with Using Social Media in Continuous Improvement lead by Eric Michrowski, TELUS, and Michael Marx, Apollo Group. If you're completely new to social media, it is recommended to watch a recording of this earlier webinar, available here, although this latest webinar will briefly review some of the basics.

Eric Michrowski Director of Process Improvement Centre of Excellence TELUS
Chris Wan Process Improvement Methodology Expert and Business Consultant TELUS