Reinventing the Retail Customer Experience in a Multi-Channel World: Applying BPM to Transform Customer Engagement

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Traditional bricks and mortar retail is fast being replaced by a world where customer interactions takes place across a number of different touch points - physical stores, online, mobile applications, etc. This means that there are not only multiple points of possible failure but also that ensuring a consistency of experience across  these different channels is more challenging. That's why creative process improvement, which incorporates not just Lean Six Sigma but is supported by intelligent use of customer feedback information is more important than ever. In a retail environment especially with the age of social media, “Word of Mouth” is hundreds of times more impactful than ever before.

Hear how one of North America's leading retailers, Target, makes use of business process management methodologies and technologies to maximize the results of their process improvement projects to continuously enhance its customer feedback and satisfaction processes.

In this Webinar:

  • Understand how Business Process Management initiatives and technologies impact customer experience
  • Look at the ways that Target, voted 2010 Mobile Retailer of the Year, integrates mobile and social media technology to support the customer experience
  • Hear concrete examples of how to leverage social media "listening posts" from traditional 1-800 numbers to social media to understand customer feedback and enhance their satisfaction 
  • Identify opportunities to use different tools to make data-driven customer decisions to continuously enhance the customer experience


Neshat Soofi Sr. Group Manager Safety and Quality Assurance Target Corporation