Translate your Strategic Vision into Practical Reality

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Introduction to Integrated Business Planning
As executives, you spend weeks coming up with well thought through strategic plans. You unveil your grand visions at the annual company meeting and get everyone all fired up. Then what happens?
If you’re like many organizations, your strategy probably gets filed away for another year. Worse, after getting everyone fired up at the annual company meeting, your employees can’t actually figure out what they need to do differently to help make your strategy a reality. Poor definition of strategy at functional level causes confusion, misalignment and frustration and  inevitably leads to sub-optimal performance.
Integrated Business Planning - often referred to as advanced Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) - is a common sense approach to overcome this challenge. In this webinar, experts from Oliver Wight will be sharing what Integrated Business Planning is and how you can use it to align your company activities around your long term strategic objectives.
What will you get out of attending?
  • Get practical ideas on how to allocate critical resources - people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money - to satisfy customers in a more profitable way
  • Learn better ways of aligning the strategic and tactical plans each month
  • Gain insight into a proven methodology for managing process and culture change
  • Understand why putting in place business objectives – rather than individual performance objectives – is a powerful way of driving high performance throughout the value chain

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Liam Harrington Partner Oliver Wight
Andy Walker Partner Oliver Wight