Improvement through involvement: Engaging your entire team to reduce loss and sustain improvement

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Engagement is the foundation for all sustained improvement

It's easy to change processes but much more difficult to make continuous improvement and excellence a habit without the systematic engagement of your team. This is something that textile manufacturer Milliken understands well. The company has developed a structured cross-functional team–based approach to performance improvement that has helped to create an environment where all employees understand the importance of “zero loss” thinking and continuous improvement for the benefit of customers and stakeholders.

In this webinar, seasoned practitioners Nick Bailey and Chris Poole go through the principles and building blocks of the Milliken Performance System, a "Daily Management System" that provides a systematic, step-by-step method leading to sustainable business excellence. Every aspect of the business is touched by this system, balancing sustaining and improvement activity across all processes and functions.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn a structured, step by step approach to work that systematically engages all employees in ownership for continuous improvement
  • Identify practical steps to help shift the mindset of your organisation so that all employees start seeing “losses” (problems) as opportunities for improvement and where the role of leaders evolves to support and reinforce the elimination of these losses
  • Look at practical examples of these principles in action in Milliken’s businesses alongside their client experiences and benchmark specific tactics you can employ in your organization


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Chris Poole Senior Practitioner Milliken Performance Solutions
Nick Bailey Senior Practitioner Milliken Performance Solutions