How to Use Positive Organisational Politics to Get Results for Your Business Process Excellence Programme

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In today’s increasingly complex work environment, studies have called political intelligence™ ‘the missing leadership competency’  because the ‘traditional’ skills of leadership are no longer sufficient to guarantee personal and organisational success.

Given this background, what today’s leaders require is not only a keen awareness of their political landscape, but  the skills to maneuver effectively around political minefields using a set of behaviours critical to process excellence.

In this complimentary webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Obtain clarity on what organisational politics actually is
  • Be clear on how they are a major driver of organisational and personal inefficiency
  • Cover the concept of political perceptions
  • Introduce a model of political animal ‘types’
  • Start to investigate pragmatic behaviours and skill that make you more effective in the workplace
David Bancroft-Turner Managing Director Academy for Political Intelligence