How Renewi ensures business success with a digital twin

Renewi is leveraging its digital twin to strengthen customer focus, improve employee experience and reduce internal costs

The creation of a digital twin helps waste management company Renewi create structure and insights of all operation information from people, processes and technology

This webinar will take place on:
29 June, 2021
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST

As a company focused on supplying high-quality secondary materials, UK-based waste management organization Renewi has the aim of becoming the leading waste-to-product company among the world’s circular economies.

In June 2020, the business launched an initiative to shift to a digital model to alleviate internal challenges, strengthen its focus on customers and improve employee experiences. With the creation of a digital twin, Renewi has been able to gain insights of all operational information relating to people, processes and technology.

Over the next three years, the company has said it would aim to provide fully digital solutions for its customers, as well as simplifying and standardizing processes across all divisions to reduce cost, errors and to improve customer, supplier and employee experience. During this webinar, Carel Hoytema, global process director of Renewi, will share the company’s journey and strategy.

This webinar will cover:

  • How Renewi is using digital transformation to overcome business challenges.
  • Why providing a fully digital solution for its customers will improve their experience and reduce Renewi’s cost to serve.
  • How simplifying and standardizing processes across divisions helped Renewi reduce cost and errors, and improve customer, supplier and employee experiences.


Carel Hoytema
Global process director

As global process director at Renewi, Hoytema is part of the company’s core team responsible for the continued growth through the deployment of intelligent solutions including process mining, a digital twin of the organization and business process management.

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