Jan Marek
In insurance terms, "binding", is the moment that an insurance company commits to insure a third-party. It’s a process that involves the insurance provider, the insured party, and an independent insurance agent/broker; it can consist of multiple...
Contributor: Jan Marek
Fri, 02/26/2016
5 Tips to Get Your Process Excellence Program on the Fast Lane to Strategy Implementation in Financial Services

Process Excellence programs in Financial Services companies are under increased pressure to clearly demonstrate the value that they bring. Process Improvement initiatives that have ‘fuzzy’ benefits or do not obviously support the strategic...

Tue, 02/02/2016
Jason McGee-Abe
PEX Network caught up with Stan Passov, StereoLOGIC, to find out how the company assists clients like Pitney Bowes to accelerate customer services via visualization and removal of process errors, redundancies and delays. The Pitney Bowes case, PEX...
Contributor: Jason McGee-Abe
Mon, 09/28/2015