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4 Questions Strategists Asked at OPEX Week Orlando 2019

By: i-nexus

Have a question about strategy execution? These four proved common among experts at OPEX Week Orlando 2019, as James Milsom from i-nexus explores.

Why you don't need to be an expert to understand the value of Hoshin

By: i-nexus

Getting the most out of Hoshin Kanri doesn't necessarily mean you have to be an expert. Here's why Michael Evans, a UX and Design Lead, has a new found understanding and appreciation of the value of Hoshin.

A better way to manage your DMAIC projects

By: i-nexus

Is there a truly effective way to manage your DMAIC projects, ensure your Black Belts follow your process and all necessary project documentation is completed for each step of the process? i-nexus' Head of Partner Development, Christian Loyer, has just the answer.

What should you focus your Operational Excellence strategy on?

By: PEX Network

We surveyed over 100+ senior Operational Excellence professionals for our annual OPEX Leaders Benchmarking report to discover their focuses for 2019-2020. Ranging from process automation to redesigning performance metrics, the main focus of Operational Excellence strategies varies from one business to another. But why has leadership and culture taken the top space?

Building an Agile Organisation with National Grid

By: Isabelle Haigh

National Grid’s ‘Richmond’ program is bringing big changes to the business. We spoke to Isabelle Haigh, the Head of the Gas Transmission Transformation Program to find out more about their project and how it is currently being implemented into the business.

Process Mining and Digital Transformation at Siemens

By: Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer

New digital technologies are helping businesses achieve operational excellence in quicker and more innovative ways. Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer, the Global Process Mining Lead at Siemens, spoke to us about how Process Mining is aiding operational excellence across their business.

Operational Excellence in the Digital World with KIA

By: Pendar Shahbazi

The concept of digitalisation brings with it many new issues and complexities to dwell upon. So, in the new digital age, how should leaders look at and go about achieving operational excellence? With the help of Pendar Shahbazi, the current Head of KIA’s Business Enhancement team, we have compiled four essential elements any continuous improvement leader needs to focus on.

Achieving Operational Excellence with New Technologies

By: Gino d'Hont

According to a list of business priorities for organisations’ attempting to achieve operational excellence by Business Transformation & Operational Excellence, the implementation of new technologies ranks amongst the highest. We spoke with Gino d'Hont about his opinions on using process mining and RPA to achieve operational excellence at innogy SE.