Peg Pennington

President MoreSteam

Peg Pennington joined MoreSteam's executive team in 2018 as President. Prior to that, Peg was the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence (the “COE”) at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business, and she also has experience in a managerial role at Emerson Network Power.

Peg has a deep familiarity with the global process improvement community and a strategic focus on “next” practices. She is an expert in developing organizational cultures to embed critical thinking and problem-solving as a core competency. At the COE she was instrumental in establishing rigorous standards for Lean Six Sigma certification aligned with industry norms. She worked tirelessly to develop an Opex community of learning, offering a variety of educational, benchmarking, and networking events.

Perhaps most significantly, Peg helped architect the Master of Business Operational Excellence ("MBOE"), a unique graduate degree program at the Fisher College of Business. She continues in her role as an adjunct instructor of the MBOE Lean leadership and Six Sigma curriculum.

Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.

Conference Day One - Tuesday September 29th, 2020

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

1:00 PM Case Study - Purpose, Process, People: Leveraging Lean IT to Drive Change that Sticks

Information technology in today’s business climate is an engine of organizational growth and innovation, not just a department. Many IT organizations have turned to Agile and DevOps to meet these demands with mixed results. Others, like Columbus-based insurer Nationwide, have augmented these approaches with Lean IT to achieve breakthrough results and lasting change.

In this session, Nationwide VP of Digital Workplace Technology Tom Paider joins MoreSteam President Peg Pennington in a conversation about how this legacy organization has accelerated its OPEX transformation by using the principles of Lean IT to enhance front-line problem solving and redefine the role of the IT leader. Joining them in conversation is Mike Orzen, the “father of Lean IT” and co-author, with Paider, of The Lean IT Field Guide.

In this discussion, Orzen and Paider will detail how Lean IT:

•Co-exists with and strengthens Agile and DevOps deployments;

•Shifts focus on changing behaviors, not just applying tools; and

•Positions leaders as coaches and connectors across the value stream to drive sustainable change.

Virtual Interactive Discussion Group Day / Power 10 Sessions - Tuesday 6th October, 2020

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

1:00 PM IDG C: Connecting Business Activity to Customer Value in the Age of Software

We’re living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in the Golden Age of Software Development. A time when seemingly there is an app for everything. Technical innovation abounds, but so do new problems. Do the problem-solving principles we perfected in the Age of Mass Production still apply? We think so. But certain adjustments to proven techniques must be made to enable adaptation and competitiveness. And strategic and operational alignment of individuals, teams, and leaders remains paramount. 

In this discussion, we’ll cover topics including how management and production systems must align to deliver superior results for your customers. We’ll explore the importance of creating and sustaining leader standard work, utilizing huddle boards, making value streams visible, tracking disruptions and implementing daily accountability. Regardless of industry, participants will walk away with insights and practical, achievable practices. 

●    Which approaches improve organizational culture, service quality, speed and customer satisfaction?

●    What actions support development of an effective lean management system?

●    How do lean management and production systems enable innovation and change management?

●    What behaviors demonstrate leadership commitment, engagement and respect for the people who do the work?

●    What actions help to develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Peg.

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