October 19-22, 2020| Toronto, Ontario

Pre-Conference Workshops: October 21,2019

7:30 am - 8:00 am Check in for Workshop Attendees

• Understanding the potential impact of digitization on your business – and your people
• Selecting, designing and installing operations systems to ensure operations availability and integrity
• Fostering a culture that accelerates technology adoption
• Integrating Process Control Networks with data management, optimization and reporting systems
• Assessing and ensuring readiness for operations, taking into consideration all aspects of the transition, including operational processes, roles and delegations of authority, legal and/or operations documentation, data and IT systems, resources and competencies; and governance
• How do you identify – and then develop - the digital skills and capabilities you need?
• Identifying the strategic value levers and performance improvement opportunities in your company
• How to truly determine how reliable, safe and efficient your operations are – and then set targets for change. What is the benchmark?
• Setting clear goals and targets for operations excellence
• Aligning leadership and the rest of the organization
• Creating a sustainable Operational Excellence framework - even as conditions change
• Linking your Operational Excellence plan to business needs and changing objectives
• Identifying your performance gaps
• How to translate the business values and strategies and policies into action
• Changing the organizational culture to incorporate OE principles into the everyday
• Managing “daily improvement” and strategic scorecard / metrics and sustaining continuous improvement
• Weighing the pros and cons of centralized versus localized continuous improvement programs
• Developing the right continuous improvement framework for your business to improve reliability and operability

9:30 am - 9:45 am Morning networking break for workshop attendees

Organizations are socio-technical systems.  With rapid advances in technology and globalization, today’s socio-technical systems have become complex; this complexity is sure to continue to grow exponentially in the future. A key element of the complexity of today’s socio-technical systems is the dynamics, with often unexpected emergent properties appearing in the “system” (the organization) over time. 
The dynamics of these emergent qualities is not always sudden; sometimes more subtle organic change occurs in the form of “organizational drift”. The effectiveness of traditional strategies and analysis methods to understand and manage system performance amid such complexity and certain change is limited at best. So how do we achieve and truly sustain operational excellence given these realities?
This workshop will provide an overview of the characteristics of complex socio-technical systems, particularly relating those characteristics to vulnerabilities in overall system performance that are likely to challenge your operational excellence goals. Combining concepts of resilience engineering, Safety II, human factors and organizational change management, we step through some key principles for creating sustainable excellence. As always, understanding the strengths and limitations of the people in your organization will be crucial to success. The workshop will also highlight some tools and techniques to help you leverage the benefits that human capability and adaptability bring.
Participants will be given some pre-workshop preparatory work to document where they are on the road to their performance goals, their success areas and their challenges. During the workshop we will have the opportunity to explore these “roadmaps”, sharing learning with each other about successes and pitfalls, and working through challenges using some of the new techniques. The goal is to realign your Operational Excellence strategies and roadmaps where necessary to achieve the sustainability we should all be aiming for.

11:15 am - 11:45 am Networking Luncheon for workshop attendees

• Dealing with issues as – or even before – they arise, using actual figures to make fact-based decisions
• Enabling real-time interaction with the information you need to manage your area of responsibility – whether it’s the entire company or a specific region, field, well, maintenance activity, or opex budget
• Combining enterprise data with real-time operational data
• Gaining a real-time perspective of how your operations and asset are doing at any given moment – along with the insight to trigger the right actions needed to maximize operational excellence
Workshop 11:45 Workshop F: Holistic Transformation: The Journey to Optimization
•  Why Optimize?
• What is Organizational Optimization?
• How is Optimization Different than other Transformations?
• Assessing your Organization’s Optimization Maturity Level
• What is the Current State of Optimization in Your Organization?
• Organizational Synergy: Determining Your Organizational Staff Alignment
• Organizational Change Leadership at the Executive, Managerial and Staff levels
• Building Internal Optimization Capability: OO Training and Certification
• Sustaining Gains and Enduring the Quest for Optimization
• Capstone Exercise and Discussion

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm Networking Break for workshop attendees

• Taking a systematic approach to improvement
• Management Systems: Mitigating implementation risks
• Ensuring compliance
• Building the most compelling case for deeper OMS commitment
• Getting leadership to focus on and support your Management System
• Removing barriers to change: Creating a sustainable operational excellence culture
• Developing a strategy to gain buy-in from your workforce
• Overcoming the change management hurdle: Cultural considerations
• Understanding value streams in the context of Industry 4.0
• The evolving role of intelligent assets in a value stream
• Basics of AI and Machine learning in the industrial context
• Mapping AI to business needs – selection criteria
• Selecting, designing and installing AI and IIOT systems for operational certainty

3:00 pm - 3:15 pm Afternoon Refreshment Break

  • What is Robotic Process Automation and what value does it bring for your organization?
  • Making the case for RPA in the enterprise world.
  • When should you look to use RPA, when should you augment it or look elsewhere?
  • Discuss common pitfalls with RPA adoption, challenges and potential solutions.
  • RPA at scale: establishing an effective governance framework for automation and adoption. 
In this interactive and hands on session, our workshop leader will take participants through a
step by step approach to implementing and using Lean tools to achieve operational excellence,
including how to:
• Develop a Continuous Improvement culture with enterprise wide Operational Excellence as your goal
• Assess your organization’s current state and develop benchmarks and metrics for process improvement
• Implement successful change management strategies to bring everyone on the journey
• Understand how Lean will affect our existing quality and performance initiatives and plan for the change
• Identify how Lean can ramp up and support growth while keeping costs low
• Apply a Kaizen Event to gain buy-in as well as deliver significant results in the short-term
• How does one build the internal Capability?
• What does success look like?

4:45 pm - 4:45 pm Daytime Workshops Conclude