PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS - Monday, October 19, 2020

8:00 am - 8:30 am Networking Breakfast for Workshop Attendees

• Understanding the potential impact of digitization on your business – and your people
• Selecting, designing and installing operations systems to ensure operations availability and integrity
• Fostering a culture that accelerates technology adoption
• Integrating Process Control Networks with data management, optimization and reporting systems
• Assessing and ensuring readiness for operations, taking into consideration all aspects of the transition, including operational processes, roles and delegations of authority, legal and/or operations documentation, data and IT systems, resources and competencies; and governance
• How do you identify – and then develop - the digital skills and capabilities you need?
• Why Optimize?
• What is Organizational Optimization?
• How is Optimization Different than other Transformations?
• Assessing your Organization’s Optimization Maturity Level
• What is the Current State of Optimization in Your Organization?
• Organizational Synergy: Determining Your Organizational Staff
• Organizational Change Leadership at the Executive, Managerial
and Staff levels
• Building Internal Optimization Capability: OO Training and
• Sustaining Gains and Enduring the Quest for Optimization
• Capstone Exercise and Discussion

Robert Hutcherson

CEO & Founder
Optimize Consulting, Inc.

• How perfect do your processes need to be before you
automate them?
• How do you ensure the data you wish to automate meets
your process automation requirements – and is it really
necessary before you push ahead with automating your
• Applied analytics methodology to enterprise-wide data set for
incident management business process
• Data set of process execution metrics vetted by subject
matter and data experts
• Statistical analysis iterations identified a set of indicators
most predictive of incident rate outcomes
• Indicators used as measurements for driving leadership
focus to continuously improve OE performance

10:30 am - 10:45 am Networking Break for Workshop Attendees

• What are the specific opportunities, challenges and best
practices to take advantage of RPA technology to drive
business results today?
• Have you considered the creation of a ‘virtualized workforce’
that emulates the rapid automation and execution of repetitive
steps in a process interaction with systems in the same way
as a human user, meaning no complex system integration
• How RPA can free up your employees to do more value added
work and achieve more on a daily basis
• What activities do humans in the organization do well and not
so well?
• Are there opportunities for humans and robots to work
• How to build a culture of innovation in your organization: Why this
critical now more than ever
• Turning ideas into value quickly: Changing organizational culture
for innovation to succeed
• What is the role of leadership in driving innovation - and what
leadership behaviours support innovation?
• What are the core values, behaviors, etc. necessary to build a
culture of innovation
• Taking a long term view to address short term conditions: how
can oil and gas companies balance a drive for innovation at a
time when everyone is focused on cost out?
• What organizational structures and designs support innovation?
• Creating a ‘freedom within a framework’ approach to innovation:
developing an organizational plan that supports the business’
current and future strategy

Jose Pires

Founder and President
Global Excellence & Innovation

Customer experience is not just the latest business strategy.
It is a new way of thinking about the relationship between
your organization and its customers, and no amount of tools,
technology, or processes can improve the customer experience
unless your organization learns how to think differently. Join
us as we explore the shift in the operations mindset that best
supports the customer experience approach.
• Using customer journey maps and other tools as operational
• Leveraging data and insights to understand the customer and
employee experience
• Creating iterative processes to support continuous
• Operationalizing the “soft” side of customer experience

Leanne van Zwieten

Director, Process Improvement
Rogers Communications

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Networking Lunch for Workshop Attendees

It’s probably fair to say that we have all been in a situation in our
lives, whether professional or personal, where we have failed to
see the bigger picture or to consider the impact of our actions
from another’s perspective. Often this can hinder the success
of operational excellence initiatives, as stakeholders don’t feel
engaged and part of the solution. Design thinking is a different
approach: rather than focusing on technology, embracing a
human-centric mindset to enable transformation and operational
excellence, which creates a solution-based approach to problem
solving complex problems. In this workshop:
• Understand the 5 stages of design thinking
• Identify situations where participants have current challenges
that could be addressed through a design thinking approach
• Led by expert facilitators, participants will be given 40 minutes to
apply design thinking to address their challenge, developing their
roadmaps to solve the problem
• Participants will test their strategies with the wider group, taking
onboard feedback, and tweaking their strategy accordingly
• Take the skills you have learned through adopting this design
thinking approach back to your organization, and design your
own design-thinking workshop. Apply these skills throughout
your operational excellence program as a jumpstart for other
improvement opportunities.

Robert Phillips

Associate Vice President, Finance Continuous Improvement
Canadian Tire Corporation

• Digital Transformation: Applying better analytics to find untapped
cost efficiencies
• Processing vast volumes quickly, drawing correlations, learning and
ultimately helping make better predictions that drive costs down
• How to ensure that the data you are capturing today can be
leveraged in an IA context
• Ensuring that your data is accurate and quickly accessible
• Are there opportunities in your business to process and learn from
data more quickly?
This workshop session will demonstrate examples where a huge
culture shift was created from grassroots and provide insight as
to how you can ignite that shift in your organization:
• Recognizing need – Challenging the status quo!
• Creating a grass roots program with sustained impact: Where
to begin?
• How to keep the engagement going
• Getting top leadership involved: When and how
• What have been the key lessons learned throughout the
• Getting your hands dirty: Exercising on key techniques that
make big impact

Beth O'Connor

Director, Operational Excellence & Execution

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm Networking Break for Workshop Attendees

• Creating a sustainable Operational Excellence framework - even
as conditions change
• Linking your Operational Excellence plan to business needs and
changing objectives
• Identifying your performance gaps
• How to translate the business values and strategies and policies
into action
• Changing the organizational culture to incorporate OE principles
into the everyday
• Managing “daily improvement” and strategic scorecard / metrics
and sustaining continuous improvement
• Weighing the pros and cons of centralized versus localized
continuous improvement Programs
The connected worker is equipped with the right data at the right time,
routine tasks are automated, and attention is redirected toward more
valuable activities like operational excellence. The goal is to have
the system monitor itself and notify workers when there’s a problem,
rather than spending time watching and waiting for problems. The
connected worker concept is about proactivity vs. reactivity.
This highly engaging workshop will explore:
• Making better use of resources by automating repetitive tasks and
refocusing on more valuable tasks like continuous improvement
• Keeping usability top of mind
• How the connected worker capabilities need to fit into your overall
digital ecosystem
• Understanding the next level of connectivity after wearables
• What’s next for the connected worker?
In this interactive and hands on session, our workshop leader
will take participants through a step by step approach to
implementing and using Lean tools to achieve operational
excellence, including how to:
• Develop a Continuous Improvement culture with enterprise
wide Operational Excellence as your goal
• Assess your organization’s current state and develop
benchmarks and metrics for process improvement
• Implement successful change management strategies to bring
everyone on the journey
• Understand how Lean will affect our existing quality and
performance initiatives and plan for the change
• Identify how Lean can ramp up and support growth while
keeping costs low
• Apply a Kaizen Event to gain buy-in as well as deliver significant
results in the short-term
• How does one build the internal Capability?
• What does success look like?

5:30 pm - 5:30 pm Workshops Conclude