What Skills, What Roles? Process Skills You Need to Transform Your Business

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Building process skills is a big challenge for any organization; Forrester heard that loud and clear when we interviewed 28 large enterprises about their biggest process issues. The skills gap even holds back large-scale business process management (BPM) initiatives in some organizations, and software vendors have jumped into skills-building to expedite closing sales. There’s plenty you can do to build process expertise at your organization — from the senior process executive down to the business analyst. This session will discuss and explore:

  • Case studies and best practices to make business process improvement skills development and BPM centers of excellence a reality in your organization.
  • The next challenge to scale process transformation from a single project to a strategic program.
  • How real-world companies have moved from isolated continuous improvement projects to a strategic program that implements BPM on a wide-scale basis. By tackling the skills issue and the project–to-program issues head on, organizations can move into true business transformation.

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Connie Moore Vice President, Research Director Forrester