The Lean Leader as Coach: Embedding Lean Thinking in Office Environments

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Oh no here comes those Process folks again...

It's a familiar refrain in many office environments: the stereotype of Lean as the tool of choice that precedes layoffs, restrictive box ticking, and an increase in individual workload. It's a technique for manufacturing assembly lines, not PC-wielding knowledge workers, they say. But done correctly and especially with the right leadership, Lean can be a source of empowerment, freeing up employees' time and skills to deliver maximum value to the business.

In this webinar:

  • Hear how GKN PLC has inspired employee engagement in their global deployment of Lean in the office
  • Learn specific leadership techniques to overcome Lean stereotypes
  • Discover strategies to sustain the benefits through Leadership standard work
  • View specific examples of a visual work space
  • Gain practical tips on embedding Lean continuous improvement into the daily work of employees
Neil Trivedi Global Business Process Excellence Director GKN PLC