The Great Lean Six Sigma Re-Boot

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Re-defining Lean Six Sigma for the digital era

The results have been staggering:  Over 100 billion dollars of value realized; dramatically improved products and services; companies hearing and responding to the voice of the customer like never before; motivated employees and suppliers removing all kinds of waste and increasing customer and consumer value.  But for everything that Lean and Six Sigma practices have done for companies and institutions the world over, something’s been missing. 

There’s a big elephant in the room, and it's called Enterprise IT. We’ve worked around it for two decades, but we’re in a digital world now, and it can’t be avoided any longer. Lean and Six Sigma weren't designed for Enterprise IT – and likewise, Enterprise IT wasn’t designed for Lean Six Sigma. But neither can truly advance without the other.  It’s now time to reboot Lean and Six Sigma and include advanced Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities. 

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Bruce Williams Vice President of Technology Architecture and Manufacturing Pegasystems