Reduce the Risk of BPM Project Failure with a New Approach to Project Management

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Introducing Wagile – an approach that combines the best of Waterfall and Agile to deliver project success

There are two very different sides to a BPMS/BPM project – the business operation side and the supporting technology side.  To date, the focus of formal project management approaches has mainly been on the technology side.  But now business managers are looking for ways to reduce project duration while increasing control and overall solution flexibility. 

How can you simultaneously increase control and flexibility and reduce timelines?

That’s where Wagile comes in – a hybrid that you get when you cross Waterfall and Agile, the two main approaches to controlling projects.  The true power of Wagile is found when it is used from a business perspective to increase BPM project understandability, align everyone on the business and technology sides to the desired outcome, increase control and offer greatly increased low risk flexibility.

Dan Morris, PEX columnist and Jim Sinur, formerly of Gartner Research, have been working on this evolution and have discovered how Wagile can be used to improve BPMS/BPM project outcome and reduce the risk of failure. 

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the traditional methods of managing BPM Projects and understand their limitations
  • Explore what Wagile is and how you can use it in your organization to reduce the risk of BPM Project failure
  • Get practical ideas and advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls of BPM projects and ways Wagile will help you avoid them
Dan Morris Managing Principal Wendan Inc.
Jim Sinur CEO of Flueresque BPM Expert