Powerful New Ways to Harness the Power of Data in your Process Excellence Program

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Process + Real-Time Data = Intelligent Business Operations

If you're embarking on next level of process management, looking into automation and process visualization through data this session is for you. 

Process improvement programs have always been based on the principle of using data to find opportunities for improvement and identify the root causes of problems. But as market volatility and changing customer dynamics drive the need for more flexible, agile and responsive business operations, too many organizations rely on outdated ways of dealing with data. The real power comes from embedding real-time data directly into processes so that the right information is available to the right people at exactly the right time.

In this webinar Theo Priestly, Software AG's Chief Evangelist and well known industry commentator, delves into the growth of the "Intelligent Business Operation" - the next shift in Business Process Management, combining adaptive process with real-time data visualization to give the business the capability to make right time decisions.

In this webinar you will: 

  • Explore the critical business drivers behind how and why real-time data has become critical in business operations today
  • Understand ways in which combining process with data visualization can give your company a competitive advantage
  • Hear a practical case study of how one leading company has transformed to be an Intelligent Business Operation
  • Find out how to take your current BPM efforts to the next level and leverage existing real-time business data with process



Theo Priestley Chief Evangelist Software AG