Move from Fragile to Agile Business Processes

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Traditionally, organizations have gone to great lengths to specify and document requirements for processes. The trouble is that it can take months or years to develop process automation solutions only to find that they fall short of our expectations and are too rigid or expensive to update, modify or change.   We then have to put manual systems in place as workarounds making our grand solutions fragile and subject to uncontrolled employee processes with little to no visibility. 

So how do you get out of this cycle and create an “Agile” business environment where you can rapidly change processes with the needs of the business?

Join this webinar to learn a new approach to managing the flow of business requirements and more effectively bring together the people, processes and information your people need to get work done.

In this webinar you will:

  • Explore why change is the new business requirement and what that means for you and your business
  • Learn techniques you can use to adapt and utilize current solutions in a more Agile Business Process
  • Identify ways that you can automate processes without involving IT
  • Get ideas on how you can maximize employee and customer engagement in business processes
Steve Allen CEO & Founder iDatix