Reduce Your Operational Costs and Increase Business Agility With "Self Service" BPM

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Many corporations are “hitting the buffers” with conventional approaches to cost reduction and process improvement. Traditional Business Process Management System approaches tend to be IT-led and focused on the “big wins.” But studies estimate that up to 50% of your operational costs come from those processes that occur infrequently and, as a result, tend to be ignored by traditional BPM approaches.

This webinar looks at how you can increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve service with a new business-led “self-service” approach to Business Process Management (BPM) that enables business users to adapt and automate processes quickly to respond to their needs and changing conditions – all without increasing the strain on IT resources.

In this webinar:

  • Learn how to identify the right opportunities in your business to tackle head on the “long tail of change” to bring unprecedented levels of efficiency and automation to new areas of the business
  • Gain practical insight into how to give your operational staff the power to drive their own process automation initiatives and how to get started with “business led” computing in your organization
  • Pick up tips/strategies on how to establish continual cost reduction programs and hear how other companies are identifying new opportunities for automation and continual cost reduction to achieve real operational cost savings of between 20-30%
  • Understand how new technology and methodologies for operational agility can complement and extend existing BPMS approaches to drive operational efficiency like never before
Richard Jones Chairman BuyingTeam Ltd & Control Circle Limited
Pat Geary CMO Blue Prism
Dave Moss CTO and Co-Founder Blue Prism