Generating Public Sector Savings Through Business Execution Software

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It is widely acknowledged that public sector budget cuts are inevitable, but the real challenge lies in how spending reductions are executed. To minimise the impact on critical frontline services it is essential that every attempt is made to make these savings through improvements in operating efficiency or elimination of wasteful activity.

Join Neil Sutcliffe in our free webinar, as he talks about how business execution software has been proven to generate savings in the public sector. Neil will draw on real life public sector case studies to demonstrate how the right application of business execution software can deliver long-term, sustainable savings.

During the hour-long session, you will find out how leading organisations have dramatically increased the likelihood of achieving their goals through integrating Balanced Scorecards, Lean, Hoshin Planning and even Six Sigma, into a robust closed-loop business execution system.

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Neil Sutcliffe Non-Executive Chairman i-nexus