Business Execution Month

From Push to Pull... How Business Execution Drives Executive Ownership for Lean Six Sigma

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Monday, January 24, 2011
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST
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One of the greatest challenges faced by any process improvement initiative is ensuring that it directly helps you achieve your overall business goals and objectives. In all companies, strategic objectives need translating into 100s if not 1,000s of goals at operational level. But how do you ensure that your execution is aligned with those strategies and more importantly how do you ensure that improvement initiatives remain on top of the executive agenda?

Featuring examples drawn from leading global organizations in both the public and private sector, Paul Docherty, CEO of i-nexus and the recognized expert in the emerging discipline of Business Execution, will outline the specific actions that Operational Excellence deployment leaders can personally take in the next 90 days to multiply, by an order of magnitude, the level of improvement activity in their organizations and directly link business goals with process excellence initiatives.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How leading organizations are harnessing the closed-loop business execution cycle to align Lean Six Sigma initiatives with business objectives and to ensure management at all levels are engaged and motivated to drive execution of improvement actions.
  • The immediate steps you can take to create a clear line-of-sight between business goals and operational excellence projects
  • Practical ways to establish regular ‘execution’ focused business reviews that ensure improvement initiatives remain a key focus for senior executives.


Paul Docherty
Founder and Executive Director

Paul Docherty started his career in Marconi, where he held a wide range of senior management roles covering manufacturing, IT, sales, product development, project management, Operational Excellence and corporate strategy as well as having P&L responsibility for the growth of a regional telecoms equipment business.

Passionate about helping organizations to execute more effectively, Paul's deep understanding of the challenges of establishing robust strategy execution disciplines comes from his experience coaching senior management teams in over 100 global organizations. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has delivered keynote presentations and the IQPC Annual Process Excellence (PEX) Global Summit and at the thought leader global Annual Strategy Execution Conference. Regularly averaging over 500 registrants for each of his quarterly webinars on Strategy Execution Best Practices, Paul is the architect of the Strategy Execution Maturity Model which has been used by hundreds of global organizations to benchmark their strategy execution capabilities.

In addition to his role as a thought leader in the Strategy Execution space, Paul is also the founder and lead facilitator of the Strategy Execution Consortium – a group of 40+ Global 2000 companies that meet annually on both sides of the Atlantic to share and benchmark Strategy Execution Best Practices.

In 2001, Paul founded i-nexus with the goal of building cloud-based software that could help organizations successfully manage the complexity involved in translating their vision into reality. This software is now the "de facto" standard for large enterprises when it comes to driving execution of their strategy. Paul holds an MEng. in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the University of York and an MBA from the University of Warwick.