From Lean Six Sigma to Business Execution...Is Your Organization Ready to Build a Robust Business Execution System?

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Ten years ago, the primary focus of the executives leading operational excellence programs in large organizations was on how to effectively scale their Lean Six Sigma initiatives to maximize return on their investment. Today these executives are wrestling with how to make their Lean Six Sigma efforts sustainable and more closely aligned with the strategic priorities of their organizations.

Join Paul Docherty, CEO and founder of i-nexus, as he sets out how Business Execution - the emerging discipline that brings together the best elements of Hoshin Planning, Operational Excellence and the Balanced Scorecard to create a robust ‘closed-loop’ strategy execution system, can help those charged with transforming their organizations make their Lean Six Sigma efforts more strategic and sustainable. Focusing on the return on experience from early adopters, Paul will share the lessons learned about what you need to put in place to successfully implement business execution and how you can assess your readiness to take this next step.