Embracing BPM for End-to End Process Management – Integrating Process Excellence and IT

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Business Process Management (BPM) is known for its ability to automate repeatable processes, create greater visibility of an end-to-end process, and enhance process agility. The end result is improved business performance, which translates into providing greater value for customers and stakeholders.

Where the challenge lies, however, is implementing BPM enterprise-wide, a feat that must be driven by everyone in the organization working cross-functionally with one another — no easy task. Aligning operations with IT can lead the charge in helping the organization to better understand the need to work together to achieve a BPM enterprise-wide program.

But how should this alignment take shape in order to optimize the success of the BPM rollout?

Historically speaking, many organizations have had their BPM programs driven by the IT department, which provides the platform to support these organizations’ BPM initiatives. But as organizations have begun to move toward a less siloed infrastructure, the question now arises: should BPM initiatives be driven by business need (directed by operations) or driven by the platform (directed by IT)? Is there a “right” way to integrate the two to optimize the overall enterprise-wide BPM mission?

This interactive panel Webinar addresses these questions that every Process Excellence and IT leader should consider before embarking on an enterprise-wide BPM program.

Participate in this panel Webinar to learn how to:

  • Drive an effective enterprise-wide BPM initiative by evaluating what is the optimal IT/operations integration scheme for your organization
  • Create a collaborative synergy between IT and operations in order to ensure successful sponsorship of your organization’s BPM program
  • Leverage this partnership to get other business units involved in driving the change needed to realize end-to-end process excellence through BPM
  • Assess which BPM platform will help to support your BPM initiative
Beth Gollogly Vice President of Business Process Improvement Iron Mountain
JD Rapp Whirlpool Corporation Vice President of BPM and Management Excellence
Russell Ollie Continuous Improvement Deployment Lead Hovensa