Delivering Major Change: Critical Success Factors for Execution of Strategic Objectives

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All businesses periodically face challenges which go beyond delivering on their core day to day business. This may be driven by economic factors, such as in a downturn, where companies often face the need to reduce their core operational cost base. Alternatively it may be driven by other macro trends, such as environmental concerns, which may lead a company to drive a sustained reduction in their carbon footprint. The reasons are many and varied, but the result is consistent - the need to execute change programmes rapidly and effectively.

Drawing on his own experience of substantial operational restructuring , Neil Sutcliffe, chairman of i-nexus, will discuss the critical issues in implementing programmes effectively, and demonstrate how technology can play a vital role in successful execution.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • Lessons learnt from a major telecoms company
  • The critical success factors for successful business execution in a time of change
  • The role of technology in achieving organizational goals
Neil Sutcliffe Non-Executive Chairman i-nexus