Using IT as an enabler to support changing business processes and requirements: A Webinar Dedicated to the UK market

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Business performance and economic performance in the UK has been a rollercoaster journey over the past few years – one minute we’re in growth and the next minute we’re back in recession. Whether your business has thrived throughout this turmoil, or is fighting for survival, one sole fact remains core: your ability to react to change and adapt is crucial to the long term financial and non-financial success of your business.

To bring this into context for PEX Network’s members: Round 1 of the recession went to the accountants as cuts were made left, right and centre, but Round 2 of the recession is when business processes, and critically the IT support that they receive, really come into their own.

This concept of linking IT and process is becoming a recurring theme in boardroom discussions across the UK, so will you be ready to add your two pence to the conversation when you are asked to contribute?

If you would like further insight into how to truly align IT and process, and crucially how to use IT as an enabler for improved process performance process, then join this free webinar to hear insight from James Luxford at PNMsoft who’ll be sharing key learning from his 20 years of experience in IT development to help you do just this.

Specifically James will guide you through:

  • Exploring how to collaborate between IT and Non-IT personnel while changing business process applications
  • Examining how your IT organization can transform existing .Net (Microsoft) development skills into BPM expertise
  • Looking at how you can quickly transform business process applications into mobile applications without rewriting them
  • Identifying ways your organization can extend Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics, CRM and Azure into an end-to-end Intelligent BPM Suite
  • Learning a structured and well-governed approach to business process application development that balance IT requirements for control with the business need for agility. In particular using HotChange™ technology
James Luxford CTO PNMsoft

James is a BPM expert and involved in IT development and project management for over 20 years. James is leading PNMsoft product management group and works closely with PNMsoft business partners and customers to capture requirements and set a PNMsoft product roadmap. James represents PNMsoft in various Microsoft programs and attends frequently Microsoft roadmap sessions with partners. James is a known speaker on BPM and has presented in various conferences including Gartner BPM Summit.