Building A Strategic Transformation Program

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Many organizations struggle to move from a series of disconnected BPM projects to a coordinated program that propels their organization forward.  While the initial focus of most organizational improvement programs is on efficiency and cost containment (waste elimination), the longer term opportunity is to deliver better and more consistent customer outcomes (value innovation). Along the way, there are many potential diversions on the journey. Success relies on establishing a compelling vision for the organization and engaging the business effectively.

Attend this webinar to find out how to construct a holistic transformational framework focused on the needs of customers, while keeping an eye on efficiency and waste reduction. The webinar will discuss how the framework encompasses:

  • Engagement of the executive to embrace an appropriate organizational vision, and then ensure their support through ongoing leadership.
  • How to structure and charter a Center of Expertise (CoE) along with effective governance principles to support the program.
  • How the creation of a target operating model supports a comprehensive future state business architecture, describing the capabilities of the firm and the business services it uses to deliver value to customers.
  • How to engage the organization to create a holistic vision for an individual change objective, delivering compelling customer experiences and providing the target for process improvement projects.

Webinar participants are invited to download a complimentary copy of Forrester's report "Empower Customers By Transforming Business Processes." To access the report, click here (free login required).


Connie Moore Vice President, Research Director Forrester
Derek Miers Principal Analyst Forrester Research, Inc. (Guest speaker)