Beyond Lean Six Sigma: How Best Buy Delivers Business Results with End to End Process Management

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Lean Six Sigma is an effective tool to drive out cost and ensure quality. But LSS can be seen as too time-consuming and laborious in dynamic industries like retail that need to be responsive to fast-changing market demands.
The key is to focus on the areas that deliver biggest bang for your buck in both creating efficiencies and delivering value to your customers.
In this Webinar:

  • Hear how global electronics retailer Best Buy views retail challenges from an end-to-end perspective to drive improvements to enhance the external AND internal customer experience.
  • Understand how the company's Lean Six Sigma deployment  has completely transformed its learning and knowledge transfer process through adult learning and real-time training workshops
  • Learn the ways in which Best Buy’s Enterprise Capability Team leverages BPM to design portfolios of projects to attack the end to end challenges in retail
Mike Fisher Sr Director Lean Six Sigma, MBB Best Buy